artwork by Heidi Bosch Romano The first step in finding happiness is to define what that means to you. What have you always dreamed of doing? What makes you laugh? What's fun to do? What's missing from your life? What are you neglecting to do? The key to happines is to focus your attention in the right direction.

Making Quiet Time for Yourself

You deserve to be happy and have the potential to do great things, but if you are dissatisfied with your life, nothing will change unless you make time for yourself. Examine your typical day, making notes on how much time you spend on each activity. Find ways to eliminate anything that doesn't serve your best interests. Most often, you will find that things you do out of boredom that are simply bad habits are the biggest time wasters. Using your time wisely is the next step in your quest.

Making Your Dreams Come True

Are you doing the things you've always dreamt of doing? Or are you merely existing, stuck in an endless loop? If you are stuck, the answers will come from listening to your heart.

Find a quiet space, relax. Focus your attention on your heart. Think about joyful times. Always make choices based on what rings true deep in your heart, not the ones that your brain thinks are practical. If something seems like a good idea, but gives you a sense of dread inside, then don't do it. The best choices are divinely inspired and feel right in your heart.

Setting Goals

Set realistic short- and long-term goals so that you will accomplish more in less time. Before you begin, track everything you do each day so that you can decide where the new activities will fit into your schedule. Then make a "to do" list of things that you want to accomplish each day, week, and so on, along with a proposed time-frame for completing each item. Keep a log of activities completed and goals reached. Reviewing your progress each day will help keep you focused and motivated. Be sure to allot time for breaks so that you don't overdo it. Set aside time at the end of each day for reflection so that you can appreciate your accomplishments, and make notes about what you want to do next.

Practicing Positive Visualization

For the big picture, use your imagination to visualize that you've achieved all of your goals and have everything you've worked for. Think about how that makes you feel. Positive visualization helps set the wheel of creation in motion.

Focus on Success, Keeping Your Ideas Private

Keep your plans for a better life to yourself. That will prevent others from unintentionally filling your mind with doubt, or from pushing their agenda on you if they think you should be doing something else. If you need help, then limit your discussions to bouncing ideas off friends and family who you trust to encourage and to help you. If any of them are not supportive, then no longer share anything else about your plans with them. It's important that you remain positive, that you believe in yourself, and that you accomplish your goals. Only those people who will help you succeed need to be involved.

Getting Results

If you aren't getting the results you expected in your projected timeframe, don't fret. It might just need more time to manifest. Sometimes you may just need to make a few adjustments to help things move along. Be creative, be patient, but most of all be persistent and don't give up. When the timing is right, everything will fall into place and you will reap the rewards of your work.