Divine Circle Living

Divine Circle Living

Creating a Happier and More Meaningful Life

Life can be an enjoyable, rewarding adventure if you are willing to focus your energies in a positive direction, have the willingness to try new things, and have the determination to persevere until you reach your soul's destiny. Life is about learning to love yourself and others, and to do those things that help the world become a better place. If you are ready for positive change, then let's get started. Follow these simple guidelines to improve your life.

Changing Your Focus

Instead of complaining about what you don't have or don't like, change your focus to the positive. You have the ability to create whatever life you want, but that requires you to stay focused in the right direction. Instead of focusing on acquiring material things, envision a world of love where all things of beauty are available to all. Wealth of spirit is the only goal that will bring true happiness.

Developing Loving Relationships

It's always best to surround yourself with those friends and relatives who are supportive and treat you well. If any of your relationships are no longer working, try learning how to be a better communicator, first. Sometimes that's all it takes to make a big improvement. In the end, a relationship should be one that is beneficial to both parties. If a relationship no longer works and all attempts at repairing it fail, then it may be time to let go so that both you and the other person can live a more harmonious life.

Taking Care of Your Health

It can be difficult to accomplish anything positive if you are in poor health. Thankfully, you have the power to improve your health by changing a few bad habits into healthful ones in order to heal yourself. Here are healthful tips:

  1. Add more fresh, natural foods to your diet
  2. Find fun ways to be more active
  3. Add stretching to your exercise routine to prevent stiffness
  4. Improve your posture to prevent back and hip pain
  5. Get more restful sleep
  6. Drink enough fresh water each day to stay properly hydrated
  7. Get a daily dose of sunshine and fresh air
  8. Maintain a clean, healthful home environment
  9. Take a quiet-time break at the end of each day to relax and reflect

Pursuing Your Life's Dreams

If you aren't happy with your life, it's time to think about what's really important and to take action. Think about what things you may enjoy doing that use your talents or that may be of service to others. Work towards finding and participating in more activities that you enjoy or make you feel good about your contributions to the world. When you are on the right track, you will feel a sense of excitement. Keep in mind that all changes take time, so be patient and keep moving forward. The results will be worth it.